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Clinical Psychologists work with individuals who have mental, emotional and behavioural disorders and difficulties. Clinical Psychology represents a prominent speciality within the broad field of Psychology. The major duties of Clinical Psychologists are to assess and diagnose individuals using a variety of methods to identify the causes and effects of a specific difficulty. Once the individual has been fully assessed, an appropriate treatment plan is determined based on a variety of psychological theoretical approaches.


Clinical Psychologists have at least a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from an approved academic institution and are registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa HPCSA or equivalent professional organisations in other countries. Some clinicians opt for further postgraduate qualifications such as a Doctorate degree.



A number of clinicians focus on a very specific treatment modality whereas some may use what is referred to as an eclectic approach-which involves drawing on different theoretical methods to devise a treatment plan. Some of the major theoretical perspectives include a Psychodynamic approach (to address an individual’s underlying subconscious motives), a Humanistic perspective (to look at people holistically and focus on self actualisation) and Cognitive Behavioural approaches (focussing on how thought patterns can contribute to emotional distress and behavioural difficulties).


  • Face to face consultations at his rooms in Somerset West or Oude Westhoff, Bellville.   CONTACT


  • Some individuals may opt for in-patient care and treatment and can be admitted at the Helderberg Private Clinic or Tygervalley Private clinic.


  • Skype consultations, which are gaining more prominence and popularity as individuals in remote areas or with logistical challenges can have access to specialised CBT treatments from the comfort of their own environments. Confidentiality is of paramount importance through out.                     drakrugersa


​Dr Kruger specialises in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with adolescents and adults with a specific interest in mood disorders (depression), anxiety disorders (GAD, OCD, PTSD), stress related conditions, cognitive disorders (ADHD), executive coaching, sport psychology and aviation psychology.

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