The Success of Web-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The Science of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Hundreds of studies have shown that CBT is a powerful solution to problems like anxiety and depression. When CBT tools are delivered online, they're as effective as face-to-face sessions, making this a smart option for those who prefer online (skype) to in-office meetings.

Computerized CBT for anxiety and depressive disorders, especially via the skype sessions, has the capacity to provide effective acceptable and practical health care for those who might otherwise remain untreated. Five studies comparing computerized CBT with traditional face-to-face CBT were identified, and both modes of treatment appeared equally beneficial.

The simplicity, accessibility, and effectiveness of Internet-based CBT make it a powerful tool.

Web-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy provides better cost-effectiveness, consistency of services, accessibility, and privacy.

Let me end by stating that controlled studies consistently reveal that Web-Based Cognitive Behavioral Training (WCBT) is an effective solution for several anxiety disorders, depression, and a number of other mental health and adjustment problems. In these studies, users provided with WCBT have had much better outcomes than those in control groups. In fact, WCBT has performed as well as the current therapy of choice, face to face Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (FCBT), in severa0 l (e.g., Furmark et al 2009, Bergstrom et al, 2010).1

Many people feel this is a saver less invasive option, plus, seeing a mental health professional can be inconvenient and expensive — and there might not even be any nearby. Dr Anton Kruger can be reached via skype - drakrugersa


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